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Welcome to my games page. From here you can find the latest versions of my most recent games. All copyright and intellectual property arising from these these games rests with me, the author. Feel free to distribute them unaltered, without charge, providing acknowledgement rests with me.


A fully-featured Role-Playing Game (RPG) based entirely inside Microsoft Excel. Explore a vast world, delve into randomised dungeons and fight a wide range of monsters with your party of heroes.

Scrabble Solver

A new, visual solver for the popular word game of Scrabble. Includes an AI component that searches for the optimum word to play in every situation.


The sequel to my galactic conquest game, newly-released. With an all-new, totally redesigned graphics engine and revolutionised gameplay.


Connect-4 is a simple turn-based strategy game. I've implemented this very very simple piece of code to play the game rather well using a standard search-tree algorithm. Is this the most compact Connect-4 player in existence?

Othello / Reversi

Othello, also known as Reversi, is a simple board game which requires two players and can be played in minutes or hours. The players take turns to place counters of their own colours, flipping the opponent's counters and aiming to dominate the board. This version comes with its own graphical interface and an advanced computer analysis engine based on the same bitboard technology used in my Beowulf chess engine.


Monopoly(R) is the world-famous property trading game. Buy and trade properties with your friends, or against the computer, to build up an unassailable property portfolio. My simple program uses the results of my 2005 paper on evolutionary strategies for monopoly in order to implement a vicuous, greedy computer opponent!

Fantasy Battles

A turn-based tactical warfare simulation with a detailed, stat-based army editor and a fractal terrain rendering system. This is an old project, that I initially started well over ten years ago, but which I re-wrote using OpenGL to test a fractal terrain rendering system that I was planning. Beware, the graphical interface is a bit buggy!

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