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About the Game

Connect4 is a very simple game of skill. Two players take it in turns to insert counters into columns in a vertical grid, with the winner being the first to create a line of four counters of his or her own colour either horizontaly, vertically or diagonally.

See this Wikipedia page for a more complete explanation.


Download the latest version of my Connect4 client source code

Unix .tgz Source + Makefile    (7k)
Windows .zip Source    (7k)

How does it work?

My Connect 4 player uses a very simple alpha-beta minimax tree searching algorithm, with Bitboards. The details of this can be found on my chess theory page as the algorithm is very nearly identical.

Contact Details

If you have any suggestions about my Connect4 player, and how it can be improved, then feel free to email me at Constructive criticism only, please ;)

I'd be especially interested to collaborate with someone on a GUI front-end to my Connect4 engine. I'd also be interested in looking at other ways of improving the board evaluation function.

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