Fantasy Battles - Mighty Armies Clash in an Arena of your own Creation

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About the Game

Battles is totally free for download near the bottom of this page. I require no payment or donations (though I wouldn't say no if you were feeling generous). It is more of a hobby for me than anything else, and I enjoyed programming it. Please download the game and have a play!

Currently, Battles is only available for Microsoft's Windows operating system. Anyone interested in porting the code to another platform should get in touch.

Game Technology

The landscape engine in Battles is not particularly advanced, but demonstrates a wide range of techniques. Firstly I have included a fully recursive plasma-fractal based landscape generator for creating realistic scenery in which to hold your battles. This works by firstly generating a flat landscape, and then introducing more and more detail by subdividing the existing landscape into increasingly smaller sections, halving the side length each time. As the scale decreases, on each pass a random height offset is added so that the level of random fluctuation is dependent on the scale size of the area being generated. That means that there is very strong short-range order, for example flat areas or hillsides. However, there is much less long-range order, for example one can generate a landscape with high hills and lakes next to each other.

Secondly, I have written a terrain engine which relies on a hierarchical variable-level-of-detail (VLD) model in order to render the landscape to the desired accuracy. Distant regions are rendered in very low resolution, using triangles of side length 64 metres. Nearby regions are subdivided to 1m accuracy. Coastlines are carefully interpolated so that they increase in detail as you approach them. Trees are drawn to variable detail depending on the distance to the observer. Detail levels are largely customisable.

Fighting Battles

Battles are run in a turn-based system. Full viewpoint control is allowed so that you can see exactly what your troops are doing, and where they are in relation to the enemy. Troops have a fixed number of movement points to use up each turn, which can be used either to turn, move or attack. Elite troops are given slightly more movement points per turn so that they become more effective. They also have slightly higher attack and defence attributes.

Battles are resolved statistically based on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the attacking and defending units, the armour worn and weapons wielded.

The winner is the last army left standing at the end of a battle.

In-Game Screenshots

Here are a selection of some screen shots from the game, demonstrating the general look of the interface and the battle arena. These are slightly old screenshots so the latest version may not look identical to this.

Screen 1 (52k)
The enemy take up formation over the opposite side of a large lake.
Screen 2 (56k)
A trebuchet checks the range to a target and prepares to fire.
Screen 3 (49k)
Two mighty armies face off across a rough mountain range.
Screen 4 (50k)
The Army Design utility.

Download the Game

Here is a list of the files available for download, free of charge.

ReadMe.txt - README file for the game (16k) - Main game and data files (75k)

- Microsoft Windows 98 or higher O/S (might also work on '95)
- 16Mb 3D graphics card (I've not tested it on smaller cards)
- Pentium-II (or superior) CPU

Known problems;
- None

Try the game entirely at your own risk ;)

Contact Details

If you have any suggestions about Battles, and how it can be improved, then feel free to email me at Constructive criticism only, please ;)

I'd be especially pleased to hear from anyone who has altered the data files and introduced more units into the game. If anyone wants a copy of the source code then send me an email and I'll see what I can sort out ;)

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