Col's Scrabble Solver

About the Game

Scrabble is a word puzzle game manufactured by Hasbro. Please see the official rules here

Col's Scrabble Solver is a visual Scrabble player for Microsoft Windows, which allows you to enter letters, set up the board as you wish, and ask the computer player to find the optimum work to play.


Download the latest version of my Scrabble Solver player (Windows only):

Col's Scrabble Solver v1.0    (.zip, 400k)

Unzip it to a suitable location on your PC and run ScrabbleSolver.exe.

Note - this version has been compiled on 64-bit Windows 10 using Visual C# and Visual Studio Community 2019. It's fairly heavily tested, but obviously only on my machine, so the code comes as-is with no warranty of any kind.

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