Col's Evolutionary Monopoly Player

About the Game

Monopoly is the property trading game originally started in the US by Parker brothers. For a more complete description, please read this Wikipedia page.


You can download the latest (beta) version here:

Download Monopoly Player v1.1    (44k)

And here is my original paper detailing the evolutionary approach to playing Monopoly:

Download Monopoly Paper    (zipped PDF, 200k)

Which version of Monopoly does it use?

I use the standard British (London) version. Apologies if that causes confusion! No, I'm not going to do an international version, though if someone wants to write a GUI for me then that would be lovely (and that could add in options to change locale etc.)

How does it work?

Well I never got round to writing a GUI for this program, so it's not very user-friendly I'm afraid. If anyone wants to write one then please email me.

Can I get more highly evolved parameter files?

Yes, as I generate them I'll post them here.

228 Generations
1427 Generations
2078 Generations
5000 Generations

Contact Details

If you have any suggestions about my Monopoly player, then feel free to email me at Constructive criticism only, please ;)

I'd be especially interested to collaborate with someone on a GUI front-end to my evolutionary engine. This player seems much stronger than the standard AI that comes with most Monopoly games that I've played. Anyone from Hasbro reading?

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