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Welcome to my miscellaneous projects page. From here you can find the latest versions of a few random projects I've been working on. All copyright and intellectual property arising from these these projects rests with me, the author. Feel free to distribute them unaltered, without charge, providing I am fully acknowledged as the original author and the original source page is linked clearly.


Something I wrote ages ago to test my skills of memory and mental arithmetic.

SuDoku Solver

My SuDoku solver and puzzle generator.

Sight Singing Trainer

An application I wrote for practicing sight singing by randomly generating music.

Bee Clock

Bees do a dance to tell other bees where pollen can be found relative to the direction of the sun. And they adjust this dance based on the time of day, because the sun moves across the sky. That's actually amazing. I wrote a clock based on it. It's ridiculous and pointless and probably doesn't work any more.


An application that allows you to visualise molecules by displaying them using a force-based visualisation process. Ideal for the science classroom.

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