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MolyView FAQ

What is it?
MolyView is a free 3D molecular viewer for Windows. It is suitable for students of GCSE and A-level chemistry, or any equivalent high-school chemistry standard. MolyView is currently being upgraded to deal with more advanced molecular visualisation requirements.

MolyView is not designed to give realistic, physically correct simulations of real molecules - it is purely a visualisation aid. Molecule size, bond angles and separations are not yet accurate. However, MolyView is supplied with a full atomic database of the periodic table elements, with accurate masses, atomic numbers period and group identification.

MolyView is ideal for students struggling with the national curriculum science goals within chemistry, and is a perfect revision aid.

Where is the latest version?
Download v1.0 here (87k)

This .zip archive contains a Windows executable (exe) file plus a selection of sample datafiles and a ReadMe with instructions for use.

How do I install MolyView?
Simply open the .zip archive (you will need Winzip - see this page) and extract the files to a directory on your hard drive. Then you can double-click on the file 'molyview.exe' within that directory and it should all work fine. No complicated configuration required!

Will it work on my machine?
I have no idea. Why not try it out? It works well on Windows XP but I haven't tested it on other platforms. If you have a different platform then let me know if it works perfectly, or if you experience any issues.

Can I contact you to suggest improvements / bugfixes etc.?
Certainly. I can be contacted at the usual email address (see below) I am especially interested to hear from Chemistry students and teachers with advice on the sort of features that they would like to see in the next version, and especially with compliance with national curriculum standards at all levels. In addition, any teachers from outside of the UK, please let me know if there's anything that I've missed out that your exam system requires.

How much does it cost?
Nothing whatsoever. I'm just a generous guy. But if you particularly want to send me money, you can do so through PayPal. And it's totally secure.
What do you work on when you're not writing free code?
When I wrote this code, I was working at Cercia, primarily on data mining and visualisation technologies. Please visit my home page, which has plenty more free code and information, or my rational thinking blog. I have also written a free sudoku solver and a Texas Hold'em Poker Helper. You might also want to visit the homepage of my colleague Andy Pryke, to learn more about data mining.

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