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Col's Mind Games FAQ

What is it?
Col's Mind Games is a free application that allows you to test several aspects of your brain performance against a series of varied tests.

Tests will evaluate your ability to perform simple arithmetic, memorise numbers and words, and (in later versions) memorise patterns and shapes. The programme keeps track of your progress, and tracks your abilities in five separate areas.

Col's Mind Games works on Microsoft Windows operating systems only.

Where is the latest version?
Download v1.0 here (310k)

This .zip archive contains a Windows executable (exe) file plus a two data files containing lists of English words. To install, simply unzip all files to the same directory and run the executable file, "MindGames.exe".

How does it work?
The application is very simple. If you haven't played before then you will need to set up your own player file. Then you can choose one of the games available in the list box, set the difficulty and push the button. Each test is explained in a short description, and then the test will begin. Don't worry, you'll be given a countdown to get ready.

At the end, you are given statistics about your performance, including timing information and your performance level. The performance will be used to alter the scores that represent your abilities in various areas. These scores all vary between 0-100. To score anything in the upper range is a very impressive achievement!

How do I improve my mind?
The best way to improve anything in your body, either mentally or physically, is to use it more often. Your mind gets better when you continually use and test it at or beyond its limits. Anything that taxes your brain will do that - Col's Mind Games adds an element of competition to it!

It is also important to use your brain in the most effective way possible. When memorising a list of words, for example, most people perform considerably better when they build a mental story involving those words, perhaps by linking them to places that you know well, or maybe even your favourite films, people or activities. For example, when you're remembering the words "house", "balloon", "baby", "sun", you might imagine yourself walking into your HOUSE, seeing a BALLOON in the hallway, and watching it drift into the kitchen where a BABY picks it up, and points to the SUN outside.

Is this like the Brain Training software that I've seen?
Yes, this is another form of brain training software. Of course, it's not as polished as the others, but then again it's free. And who knows, I might improve it. No, I'm not affiliated with any of those large software houses.

Can I send in feedback?
Certainly, though I can't guarantee I'll include your ideas I'll certainly consider new ideas for tests. I have a few ideas that I'll add in when I get time, but for now I think you have enough to start with!

Email me at the usual address (see below).

This page last updated : 29/May/2008