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Col's Sight Singing Trainer

Col's Sight Singing Trainer FAQ

What is it?
Col's Sight Singing Trainer is a simple Windows application that randomly generates musical notes and allows you to play them back and practice pitching increasingly complicated intervals.

Where is the latest version?
Download v1.0 here (128k)

This .zip archive contains a Windows executable (exe) file plus a few data/config files. To install, simply unzip all files to the same directory and run the executable file, "SightSinging.exe".

How does it work?
Choose a voice part, choose a difficulty, hit "Generate" and then try to sing the notes. "Cue" will give you the first note, and you can play back the notes using the controllers provided.

That sounds really simple
Yep. Also, that's not a question, and this is a FAQ.

Can I send in feedback?
Certainly, though I can't guarantee I'll include your ideas I'll certainly consider new ideas for tests. I have a few ideas that I'll add in when I get time, but for now I think you have enough to start with!

Email me at the usual address (see below).

This page last updated : 22/Jun/2017