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What's New in Col's Free Poker Helper v3.0?

Col's Poker Helper

I have just decided to release the latest updated version (v3.0) free of charge. This page explains the new updated features that you can find in version 3.0.

What's New with Version 3.0?

Improved Opponent Modelling
I've removed the old concept of Intelligent Folding, and replaced it with a far more accurate opponent modelling feature, which allows you to model multiple opponents with different styles of play, and to account for each opponent's level of aggression and bluffing.

Improved Graphics
Opponents' properties are now displayed graphically, allowing you to add and delete opponents when required, and to arrange them as the table changes. I've also updated the graphics for the cards.

Permanent Brain
Col's Poker Helper now thinks in the background all the time, so you don't have to request it to calculate odds every time you make a tiny change to the board. Now, it will continue to calculate and improve its calculations as long as required.

Streamlined Interface
I've included more functionality, bit with fewer unnecessary buttons and controls, meaning that you can keep up with games in progress at a far greater speed. Please take a look at this screenshot of the interface.

Col's Poker Helper has been heavily optimised to give you the most accurate statistics available as rapidly as possible.

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