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Welcome to my books page. From here you can find the latest versions of my most recent books. All copyright for these texts rests with me, the author.

You can purchase these books in paperback or electronic format online at my Lulu store.

Partout le Magasin

A sentimental travel tale of a Gentleman and his butler in France. Based on real events. Barely.

Xoliday II - Four Euros Only

The spiritual sequel to Partout le Magasin. A high-paced spy-thriller, based on real events. Warning : contains mullets.

The Polished Savage

Follow the evolution of the human mind, right from the beginning of life itself, up to the modern day. A book about what it means to be human, and how this unique honour bestows us with a bewildering array of skills and abilities that we can specifically harness in order to achieve our deepest desires.

Educating Newton

If you were to meet one of the greatest minds in the history of science, what would you say? How would you bring him up-to-date with the discoveries of the last three centuries? How would you explain the extraordinary leaps that human knowledge has made due to the marvels of scientific progress? This book aims to do just that by discussing the greatest moments in 300 years of science.

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