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Welcome to my music page. Here you can download some low-quality MIDI files from some of my more recent works, including the now legendary 'Io Sono Nel Treno'.

The files here are freely distributable, though I retain full copyright rights to them all. They are not for public performance without my permission.

If you are interested in learning more then please contact me at the address below.

Enjoy the music!


- Overture, Act 1 and first scene of Act 2 from the opera 'Xoliday'.

The opera Xoliday is an ongoing project, largely for comedy value only, based on a book I wrote with Ian Bentham, Claire Bentham (nee Chandler) and Andrew Harvey, in the summer of 2002. I have so far only got up to the opening for act 2, though the music already written contains some seriously daft moments. Lyrics available on request, but I suggest you just make up your own!

Download (120k .zip)

- 'Io Sono nel Treno' from the opera 'Xoliday'.

The finale to act 1 of the opera 'Xoliday'. Our heroes finally take their seats on the train from Paris to Koblenz, only to be interrupted by a very familiar sound. A young girl chats with her lover on the phone, instructing him in deliberately poor Italian about her wishes and desires. Words included!

Download (13k .zip)

- 'Ave Maria' for four voices.

The 'Ave Maria' was written in 2001 for a specific occasion, though never got performed because of logistical problems. It's a very simple tune, introduced by soprano solo, in the style of a cross between Mozart and Rutter, if you can imagine anything so hideous. Actually, it sort-of works. A piano reduction is also included.

Download (12k .zip)

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