StarCraft Best Level Timings

StarCraft done faster!

I've collected together the best level times I've managed to achieve on both StarCraft and its expansion pack Brood War. If you can beat any of these, please email me and I'll update the records with your details! Remember to include a save game from the very end of the playthrough, or a saved replay. I'm interested to discover what's the fastest anyone can complete the entire StarCraft series! The original times were on the original Starcraft game, but now I'm playing on Starcraft Remastered.

Note - At the moment, many of these times are pretty slow. It should be easy to beat some of them by a large margin. I suspect some levels can be completed much faster if you use short cuts.

StarCraft Levels


LevelLevel TitleTimeName
1Wasteland CMF
2Backwater Station CMF
3Desperate Alliance CMF
4The Jacobs Installation CMF
5Revolution CMF
6Norad II CMF
7The Trump Card Andrew Klinger
8The Big Push CMF
9New Gettysburg CMF
10The Hammer Falls CMF


LevelLevel TitleTimeName
1Among the Ruins CMF
2Egression CMF
3The New Dominion CMF
4Agent of the Swarm CMF
5The Amerigo CMF
6The Dark Templar CMF
7The Culling CMF
8Eye for an Eye CMF
9The Invasion of Aiur CMF
10Full Circle CMF


LevelLevel TitleTimeName
1First Strike CMF
2Into the Flames CMF
3Higher Ground CMF
4The Hunt for Tassadar CMF
5Choosing Sides CMF
6Into the Darkness CMF
7Homeland CMF
8The Trial of Tassadar CMF
9Shadow Hunters CMF
10Eye of the Storm CMF

Total For StarCraft =  

Brood War Levels


LevelLevel TitleTimeName
1Escape from Aiur CMF
2Darkness of Shakuras CMF
3Legacy of the Xel'Naga CMF
4The Quest for UrajCMF
5The Battle of Braxis CMF
6Return to Char CMF
7The Insurgent CMF
8Countdown CMF


LevelLevel TitleTimeName
1First Strike CMF
2The Dylarian Shipyards CMF
3Ruins of Tarsonis CMF
4Assault on Korhal CMF
5aEmperor's Fall (Ground Zero) CMF
5bEmperor's Fall (Birds of War) CMF
6Emperor's Flight CMF
7Patriot's Blood CMF
8To Chain the Beast CMF
(* - Taking the fastest of levels 5a, 5b)


LevelLevel TitleTimeName
1Vile Disruption CMF
2Reign of Fire CMF
3The Kel-Morian Combine CMF
4The Liberation of Korhal CMF
5True Colors CMF
6Fury of the Swarm CMF
7Drawing of the Web CMF
8To Slay the Beast ChinaMan
9The Reckoning CMF
-Bonus Level CMF
10Omega ChinaMan
(* - Including the bonus level)

Total For Brood War =  

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