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About the Game

OldOnes 2 is finally available in a very Alpha-state. Expect lots of bugs and unpolished gameplay. I've completely rewritten the original game in C#, with enhanced graphics and gameplay, an all-new tech tree, ship designer and astronomically accurate stellar models.

The Galaxy

In OldOnes2, I have built a realistic stellar evolution model which allows construction of galaxies which obey cutting-edge astrophysical models for star formation and evolution, as well as formation of planetary systems. The game features a stunning new graphics engine, which renders systems in 3D and allows you to navigate them to select planets, colonies and fleets.

Fighting Battles

Imagine swarms of spacecraft attacking each other in space, against a backdrop of texture-mapped planets. OldOnes2 includes a swarming model, predator-prey dynamics, and realistic physics for spacecraft thrust/acceleration effects.

Your spaceships can be designed however you like, setting the size and shape, equipment and weaponry that they will carry. You must fight spacecraft from hostile alien races, as well as protecting your colonies from lawless raiders and the infamous OldOnes, alien races far older than humanity with power and technologies beyond our comprehension.

In-Game Screenshots

Map View Screen (76k)
Viewing your Home World (98k)
The System View Screen (66k)
The New Game Dialog (32k)
The Colony View Dialog (100k)
The Ship Designer Dialog (59k)
Swarming battle ships (103k) (older version)
A Battle in Progress near an Oceanic Planet Colony (205k)

Download the Game

OldOnes2.zip (1,276 kb)

- Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
- A good quality graphics card (I recommend at least 256Mb)

Try the game entirely at your own risk. All rights reseved (c) 2012 Colin Frayn.

Contact Details

If you have any suggestions about OldOnes, and how it can be improved, then feel free to email me at the address below. Constructive criticism only, please ;)

If you are interested in OldOnes 1 then you can find the code

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