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Latest News : OldOnes v2.0 Has Been Released!

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About the Game

OldOnes is a strategy game written over many years as I was learning various aspects of programming language design. The latest version is released for Windows, and is written in C++, using Windows graphical interface facilities and OpenGL graphics. It was developed using MSVC++.NET.

OldOnes is totally free for download. I require no payment or donations (though I wouldn't refuse if you were feeling generous). It is more of a hobby for me than anything else, and I enjoyed programming it. Please download the game and have a play!

Currently, OldOnes is only available for Microsoft's Windows operating system. Anyone interested in porting the code to another platform should get in touch. The source code is no longer available for download, so ask me if you would like to see it. Of course, I retain all rights to the background IP.

The Galaxy

The galaxy in OldOnes is only two dimensional, with stars placed randomly in space. Many different kinds of stars are represented, together with realistic models for their planetary systems. Maps vary in size from tiny, just ten light years square, up to enormous, fifty light years square. In this galaxy will reside other populations, both other emerging races like your own, and also the mythical OldOnes, ancient races with dazzling technology far beyond your wildest dreams.

Your task is to build up your young civilisation until it is strong enough to venture out in to the galaxy, and then to explore even further, even building an empire around distant stars. Then you will come into contact with various advanced alien races, and you must decide how to deal with them, whether they will be friendly or dangerous. And all this time you will need to build up a fleet of spacecraft capable of defending your world against the alien threat.

Fighting Battles

Battles are an important part of the game, and are rendered in fully-orientable 3D arenas. They implement a complicated flocking algorithm, causing your ships to gracefully swerve through space in pursuit of your enemies.

Battles involve two fleets, and often also involve a defending colony, with its own military station and defence grid systems. As you advance, you may also discover strange alien technologies which allow you to build complicated defence systems on the planet below.

In-Game Screenshots

Here are a selection of some screen shots from the game, demonstrating the general look of the interface and the battle arena. These were taken from version v2.0 of the game.

Screen 1 (34k)
A human fleet engages raiders intent on destroying a valuable military station.
Screen 2 (74k)
The human race has expanded a great distance into deep space.
Screen 3 (177k)
The entire control panel, including a 3D rendering of a gas giant planet.
Screen 4 (54k)
A battle between a human fleet and a swarm of shadow vessels rages above a human cloud colony.

Download the Game

ReadMe.txt - ReadMe file for the game (25k)

OldOnes.zip - Main game and data files v2.0 (268k)

- Microsoft Windows 98 or higher O/S. (Only tested on Windows XP)
- A good quality graphics card (I recommend at least 128Mb)
- Pentium-III 1Ghz (or superior) CPU (Only tested on 3GHz P4)
Try the game entirely at your own risk ;)

Contact Details

If you have any suggestions about OldOnes, and how it can be improved, then feel free to email me at the address below. Constructive criticism only, please ;)

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