The Weak Theory of Creation

The weak theory of creation is a sort-of compromise between the strong theory and the current scientific views. It claims that the Earth is rather old, with ages varying between tens of thousands of years to the scientifically accepted age of 4.6 billion years. Weak theory proponents claim that God created the Earth and the heavens, but acknowledge that the evidence supports an old Earth, and not a young one. They argue that the Earth was created a significant time ago, and that the animals (but perhaps not the humans) were also created at the same time as we see them today.

Weak theory believers are opposed to the theory of evolution, which they see as a nonsense. They are strongly opposed to the notion that humans and apes share a common ancestor, though they do often acknowledge the evidence for micro-evolution as detailed on the main page under the evolution heading.

Many of the proponents of this theory will also argue for literal interpretations of Biblical events, such as the flood of Noah, and claim that there is significant evidence for them in today's world.

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