Beowulf Test Results for the Current Development Version

Test Suite # Positions Time/Move Current Result
Win at Chess3005 sec 291 (97%)
Winning Chess Sacrifices & Combinations    10015 sec 837 (84%)
Endgame Tests1660 sec 14 (88%)
Bratko-Kopec2460 sec 17 (71%)
ECE Selection (Endgames)2005 sec 124 (62%)
IQ Test3465 sec 198 (57%)

All tests performed on an Athlon 1.33.

Current unsolved WAC problems, together with time to solution and comments are;

WAC071 (6.3s)
WAC092 (11.8s)
WAC100 (-) Sometimes finds Ke3, which is apparently a Mate in 15 moves, but undocumented.
WAC141 (70s)
WAC163 (40s)
WAC196 (6s)
WAC200 (6s) Sometimes gets this more easily.
WAC230 (-) Solution is probably wrong. Nobody gets this one.
WAC241 (7s) Sometimes gets this in 3 sec.
WAC264 (40s) Beo prefers Qe5 for ages, which is probably just as good.
WAC270 (6s) Variable. Sometimes gets this one more quickly.

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